Products (CA-800series)

If you are looking for a solvent recycling (solvent collection) system:

We want to perform automatic recycling treatment by discharging from a pail can!

For substances such as paint and ink resin.

Continuous equation for throughput of 10L - 200L/Hr

Vacuum distillation system CLEAN-ACE800 series

Most suitable for continuous recycling of contaminated waste solvent used for printer cleaning systems and automatic continuous treatment by discharging from a drum.


  • More than 2,000units have already been delivered to domestic and overseas customers !
  • Our products have been used by Sperior companies that put importance on safety.
  • Parts and consumables are readily available because they are made in Japan.
  • Explosion-proof type systems are designed to be able to obtain approval from Japanese fire departmens.
  • The vapor-liquid connections of all models are entirely made of stainless steel.Our product is a longer life design.
  • It is the possibility of special specifications to the hope of the visitor.Please contact us for details.
  • A heat pipe that achieves good thermal propagation is used for heating at the evaporator.The heat pipe structure enables the use of the operating fluid of the heat source almost permanently.
  • Our product have a high level of safety.
  • The 101 model won the chairman's award of the Clean Japan Center,which is an extra-department Body Of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Model list

  • solvent recycling system
    ■CA800 series
    ■CA811 series

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