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Solvent recycling system 100series

Solvent recycling through the introduction of the system resulted in the realization of purchasing cost reduction of new solvent. Most suitable for recycling waste thinner, waste alcohol, toluene, acetone, MEK, ethyl acetate.

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Solvent recycling system 800series

Most suitable for continuous recycling of contaminated waste solvent used for printer cleaning systems and automatic continuous treatment by discharging from a drum.

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Annual profit calculator<JPY/IDR rate> <JPY/IDR rate>

Throughput kg/month
Recovery rate %
Solvent unit price yen/kg
Processing expenses yen/kg
Electric cost yen/kw
Steamy cost yen/kg
Film bag yen/time
Hour worked Hr/day
Operating days days/month
①Recovery merit yen/month
②Processing expenses merit yen/month
③Processing expense cost yen/month
④Electric cost yen/month
⑤Steamy cost yen/month
⑥Film bag yen/month
  • Total recovery merit (①+②)-(③+④+⑤+⑥)
  • ・Profits / month
    ・Profits / year


  • ■Holding exhibition name : Technical needs presentation & matching fair 2014
    The date : A Friday, March 7, 2014 from 10:00 to 17:30
    Place : Kobe chamber of commerce Hall, second floor event hall other
    6-1, Minatojimanakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi
    (a 3-minute walk from Portliner "citizen open space" station)

  • ■Holding exhibition name : The 24th Fine technical center Japan
    A session : April 16, 2014 [Wed] - 18th [Fri]
    Place : Tokyo Big Sight
    held at the same time :
    ●The fifth tall handloom ability film exhibition - film technical center Japan
    ●The third tall handloom ability plastic exhibition - plastic Japan
    ●The first tall handloom ability metal exhibition - metal Japan
    ●2014 Photonix - photo meat - the 14th light, laser technology exhibition

Model list

  • solvent recycling system
    ■CA100 series
    ■CA800 series
    ■CA811 series

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